Beyound Ridiculous

Our wifi is crap and it's driving me batty. Why? It's ridiculously slow.
It's a true test of character. How patient are you?

I think it's more a time waster having a slow wifi than a fast one because
when people are used to faster internet, they usually stay in front of
computers to wait.

Like me.

Like what I'm doing now.

I'm writing this while I'm waiting for something to download. Now, granted,
it's a video file, but even a 1gb dl in a big city only takes about 5-8
minutes to finish. But a 300+ Mb at 1 h?! Are you kidding me?!

Oh, wait. Sorry. It's now at 4hrs in a rate of 20.4 kb/s. FML.


Now you can also see in in the other side of the coin. It'll be a great
tool to practice patience and the art of Doing Something Else Beside
Internet. Yeah.

But what if your livelihood is online? What then?


Next time, if... oops, WHEN I find myself waiting for the internet to load
a picture or something, I will list some things to do while practicing the
art of Doing Something Else while waiting for a slow wifi.

Have you ever experienced a slpw wifi/internet network before? What do you
do while waiting?