I'm Back in the Classroom

You guys know that I am a teacher, right? However, I have been out of the
classroom since 2008. I had been doing tutoring one-on-one, though.

But ever since my mom and I moved here in VA, I had been volunteering in
this private academy since last year. And this brand new school year, I am
back in the classroom once again teaching 3 classes: English, Math, and
American History.

Yesterday was our first day of school, and I tell you I AM RUSTY. It
would've been fine if the grades I'm teaching are what I had signed up to
be a teacher in the first place and that's Kindergarten-4th grade. But I am
npw dealing mostly with 7th and 8th graders. Ugh. I didn't want to be in a
middle school setting.

If I really want to teach again, I have no choice. And I want to teach
again, so too bad so sad, Shadz.

Ph, did I mention today is only in the second day of the school year. Tgis
is gonna be a looooong journey.

Pray for me and my students.