Semi-lock journal

Yes, even if my banner says otherwise.

What I usually post about:
1. What's going on in my side of the world.
2. Johnny's Entertainment (JE), particularly Arashi. I also fangirl about non-JE Japanese celebs.
3. The J-dramas I've watched.
4. Craft stuff, particularly sewing and t-shirt reconstruction.
5. Graphics making.
6. Fanfiction.

I won't add you if your journal is empty unless I know you from somewhere, real life or otherwise.


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hi, i'm your fic stalker ~ lol
sorry never comment before ):
kinda lazy to write anything on cellphone ^^ i'm not at home when i found your fic..

but it seems some of the chapters are locked DD:
i'm adding you, please?

hope you don't mind me adding you.
i love WMYB.
i actually read it at winglin, but i just so happened to find you at livejournal also.
im only on chapter three, but the story's great so far.
so yeah, just wanted to say im adding you. =]
No, I don't mind you adding me at all. ^^ I love new friends, especially if they love this fandom.

You found me in Winglin? What's your username there? In any case, welcome to my humble ramblings journal. lol.

I'm glad you like WMYB, and continue supporting it.

Hope I'll hear more from you around here. Drop by anytime.
ummm...thanks...i saved them all....have you done the logos yet?
Hey Chardz
Is this your site? wow it's really cool and hip. Haha a lot of jpop. matsumoto jun! Anyways yeah I didn't realize I could sew till now. I'm still learning. I hope you come and visit my site more often. How do I follow you? You can also try to follow me if you like :)
iphone sleeve
Thanks Shadz for the feedback. How can I post on LJ about my creations without fully transferring to this site. Maintaining two sites is pretty time consuming.

Oh and thank you for your idea for a logo. I am working on it. I am not sure if I will paint it on or how I will be able to do it... a PICKLE! i wonder what other ppl do...
thanks for help
Thanks for suggesting craftster.com I think I have heard of that one before. I should start listing blog sites I read on my blog but I haven't done that yet. There needs to be alot of remodeling and I need to find time. So are you still sewing? Are you concocting anything?
etsy business pricing
Thanks Shadz for the Advice.
I will definitely try to use the tips given on the website you gave me for the pricing.
You're right. I Don't think I need a business license to start an etsy site, I'm just doing it legitimately to benefit from business taxes and such. I guess the whole business thing is just a goal of mine to see if I could really do it. hahaha

THanks Shadz for all the support. You always leave me good tips. I'm still working on things to release in March. I might come out with iphone cases and bags first. I want to make my amirugumi things too but let's see if I have enough time.
Hi there :)
I saw your icons on aibakaland :D and I thought it would be nice to watch your posts here some time since I am interested in graphics, jdrama and jmusic in general ^_^~
Tell me if you like to share some thoughts then~

Greetings, Janina^^
It's me! :D
It's me Christine!!!!
From Winglin XD
Add me please! :D
hi!! can you add me as a friend) i like yours fic [Fanfic] Where Might You Be?- Maki, Toma, Yamapi, Shun
but some chapters are locked!! Can you open it !! thanks))
Oh I keep it lock cuz some scenes are kinda mature IMO. But if you add me, I think you can read it. I'll add you, though.
i already read a fict made by u and it's so interesting.
can i add u :D
i want to read more of u'r ficts..
Added you back. Thanks for dropping by.

Yeah, I have all of my fics in one table of contents for the sake of organization. The stories are public, but some chapters in one story are kept locked for mature reasons.
Hi! Do you mind if I add? I haven't gotten around to writing JE fics yet, but I want to read yours because they seem interesting.

Thank you ^_^

i added you ^-^

i hope to be your freind :)
i love arashi so much <<<3

Thank you for your kindness you are so kawai

hello! this is chellie from freestyle i'm adding you! hope you don;t mind. :)