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Fan Fiction TOC

A new TOC layout. I added more details to each fic. Hopefully the links are in order. Just holler if they aren't.

Also, at the bottom, I added links to the stories I've requested that others were kind enough to write for me, and I also added a link to my recommendation list (which is not really updated recently-dang it! Now I have to think back where those fics are. *kicks lazy ass self*).


High Tower
Starring: MatsuJun, Pi, Nari, Toma, Shun
Comedy, PG
What happens if Jun and his friends were trapped in a high tower by a witch?
Yamapi: Damn it! There’s no signal here.


25 Words Challenge part 1
Starring: Arashi, Ryo, Pi, Shun, Jin, Toma
Mixed genre and rating
25 words challenge from Kotobayori
Is this your first time?


25 words challenge part 2
Starring: Arashi, Masami, Mao, Erica Toda, Maki, Aya Ueto
Mixed genre (mostly crack) and ratings
part 2 of the challenge from Kotobayori cuz it was fun the first time
Let do it again.


Five Times Jun Catches Sakuraiba Making Out
Starring: Sakuraiba, Jun, Ohno, Nino
Comedy, PG-13
From kusumi_koharu prompts here
You've gotta be Kidding me!


Sausage Fest
Starring: Juntoshi + Nino, OC
Comedy, R
How in the world did I get myself in the middle of a sausage fest?
“Does Nino know you’re doing this?” he asked me, shooting an eyebrow up.


Starring: Inoue Mao x Matsumoto Jun, Ohno Satoshi
Comedy, G
Ohno is stuck in the middle of a love quarrel.
“Riida, how much did you hear?”


How Aiba Convinced Sakumoto to do the Popcorn Head Album Cover
Starring: Arashi; with slight Sakumoto
Comedy, PG
Aiba found a way to convince Sakumoto to be silly, too.
Aiba can be a genius, sometimes.



Arashi Writes a Fanfic
Arashi (duh-lol), Nagasawa Masami, Yamapi, Horikita Maki, Kamenashi Kazuya, Maggie Q, Ikuta Toma, Inoue Mao
Comedy, Crack, PG-13
Synopsis: Arashi found that they don't have a lot of fanfics about them on Winglin, so they set out to make fanfics starring themselves.

Triple threat Arashi wants to take fanfiction by storm. Will they succeed?


Through the Guitar
Ninomiya KazunarixOC, Matsumoto Jun, Horikita Maki, Eita
Romance, R
Synopsis: Isabella Yamada, twenty-four and one of Japan's hottest model for the moment, had thought to boycott love and anything to do with it. Her view of it was tainted by the many guys she had been. She would have, if it weren't for that tune played on an acoustic guitar she heard one day in her apartment building.

While searching for the source of the music, she met her new neighbor, Ninomiya Kazunari.

Will she find the mysterious player and revived her hope in true love, or will she thinks it isn't worth pursuing?

I don't know where this leads to, but if you come with me on this journey, I'll offer you my heart.


The Phone Call
Nishikido RyoxHorikita Maki, Koyama KeiichiroxInoue Mao
Drama, PG-13
Synopsis: Ryo and Maki had been together since their first year in college. On their fourth year, Maki made a drastic decision. Ryo received a phone call from her late one night, and have to make a decision himself.

She knew this could be the biggest mistake ever.


Harana (Serenade)
Koyama Keiichiro, Inoue Mao, Hero Angeles, Masuda Takahisa
Romantic Comedy, PG-13
Synopsis:Koyama Keiichiro, an exchange student in high school, had a crush on Inoue Mao. Feeling shy and inadequate, he hardly talks to her, but realized that he had to let her know how he feels about her before he goes back to Japan.

With his friend's suggestion, he and his three friends decide to woo Mao's heart through a song in the night.

Is serenading still in, or it is a bit old-fashioned?


Alone With You
OhnoSatoshixAya Ueto
Romantic Comedy, PG-13
Synopsis: Ohno invited his girlfriend over, but she brought a friend that he would love to get rid of.

Why won't she go away?


Enticing Proposal
Ninomiya KazunarixOC
Comedy, PG-15
Synopsis: Nino proposed an offer to his girlfriend if she passes her exam.

If you can pass your exam, you can do whatever you want with me.


Melon Pan
Ninomiya KazunarixKuroki Meisa
Comedy, G
Synopsis: Doctor Nino accidentally ran over a woman on her bike. To make up for it, he treated her injury, but she still owes him?
Requested by lildaisy06.

The woman nodded slowly, still slightly suspicious at how this man who didn’t look a year beyond 20 could be a doctor.


Nino's Surprise
Arashi+surprise guest
Comedy, PG-13
Arashi bugged Nino what he wants for his birthday. Nino tells them to surprise him.. so they did. And got a surprise of their own.

Surprise Me


Chocolate Smears
Ninomiya KazunarixOC
Romantic Comdey, PG
Ninomiya hates baking, but his girlfriend wants to do something together for his birthday... bake his birthday cake.

No cooking involve, I swear


Jun's Birthday Gift
Matsumoto JunxInoue Mao + rest of Arashi
Romantic Comedy, PG-13
Synopsis: Jun was awaken by Mao on his birthday, finding out she hadn't bought him a gift yet.

“What do you mean, what do I want? You haven’t gotten me anything yet?” Jun raised an eyebrow at her.


How Far We've Come
Aiba MasakixMizukawa Asami
Drama, Romance, PG
Synopis: Aiba Masaki and Mizukawa Asami had known each other for 11 years. They used to be friends, and then lovers, but had their separation after their university graduation changed their friendship?

I'll always love you, Mi-chan.


Scrabble Rumble
Arashi, Sakumoto main
Comedy, G
Synopis: When a game of Scrabble nearly blew Sho’s artery.

“Then used it in a sentence,” Sho challenged.


Aiba Family Christmas
Aiba Masaki + the rest of Arashi, OCs
Comedy, PG
Synopsis: It happens every year during Christmas how the Aiba family tells their own son's Christmas birth-much to Aiba Masaki's chagrin.

It was around White Day, 1982


Drawing the Line
Matsumoto JunxNinomiya Kazunari, Inoue Mao, Ohno Satoshi
Drama, Romance, PG-13
Synopsis: Nino knows he has crossed the line when he is having an affair with his art teacher. Jun knows the policy on teacher-student relationship, and the university will do more than just frown at them for breaking their rules. Will they be able to keep their relationship a secret, or is someone going to find out?

Art, like morality, consists of drawing a line somewhere


Body Heat
Domyouji Tsukasa, Makino Tsukushi (Hana Yori Dango series)
Smut, NC-17
Synopsis: Makino Tsukushi, is feeling cold in spite of her boast to Domyouji Tsukasa that poor people are used to the cold. Can Domyouji help warm her up?

"Makino... do you know how we could stay warm?"


Wedding Night
Doyouji Tsukasa, Domyoui (Makino) Tsukushi (Hana Yori Dango series)
smut, NC_17
Synopsis: Tsukushi and Tsukasa having sex during their wedding night. Oops, there goes the story, but if you want more lewd details, read on and brace yourself.

She is now mine, the Almighty Domyouji Tsukasa’s wife, Tsukushi.


Don't Drink the Kool-Aid
Ninomiya KazunarixToda Erika; with Nishikido Ryo, Naka Riisa, Yokoyama Yu, Aiba Masaki and Kamenashi Kazuya
comedy, PG-13
Synopsis: Seeing Erika Nishikido, his best friend’s sister who he had been in love since middle school, bringing another guy to his birthday party made Ninomiya Kazunari jealous and irritated. Unheeding Erika’s warning, he drank a pitcher of Kool-Aid Yoko had prepared to drown out his feelings. Why Kool-Aid? Nino has a low tolerance of alcohol. He should’ve known better Yoko just doesn’t make “regular” Kool-Aid.

“Okay, seriously, what’s going on here?” he demanded. “And where are my pants?”


In His Boots
Matsumoto Jun x Inoue Mao
fluff, G
Synopsis: Jun bought new boots, but little did he know Mao wants it for herself.

Was he hallucinating that morning?


Come Back to Me
Matsumoto JunxNinomiya Kazunari, Sakurai Sho, Ohno Satoshi, Aiba Masaki
Romance, PG-13
Synopsis: Jun accidentally met up with Nino, the one Jun deemed “the one who got away.” Will Jun convince him to get back together?

It was surreal seeing the guy that was once part of his life. Someone that was still important to him.


Wanna Bet?
Ohno Satoshix OC
AU, smut, NC-17
Synopsis: Ohno unknowingly lost his money on a poker game to a professional poker player. When he found out, he thought it was unfair and wanted a rematch. Will he win his money back to a private game in her hotel room?

The woman just stared at him. “I didn’t cheat, Ohno Satoshi-san. You folded all on your accord.”


Made For Each Other
Ohno SatoshixNinomiya Kazunari; Sakurai Sho, Matsumoto Jun, Aiba Masaki
Romance, G
Synopsis: Ohno’s getting married! Yatta! Oh, wait... to a girl? Nino is not pleased, and Ohno is dense to not see it. Will Nino make him see that he and Ohno are MFEO?

Ninomiya Kazunari rued the day Ohno Satoshi burst through the door of their greenroom announcing to his fellow Arashi members that he was getting married.


What a Drag!
Ohno SatoshixSakurai Sho
Comedy, PG
Synopsis: Ohno is hungry and wants to eat something good other than the food in his refrigerator. Luckily, he still has the Satoko costume he can use as a disguise. On the way to find something to do after a meal, Ohno sees Sho and decides to mess with him. Will Sho recognize him in drag?

“Damn, Satoko, you’re one hot bitch,” Ohno muttered as he checked his appearance in front of his full-length mirror.


No Matter What
Nishikido RyoxToda Erika/ slight Ninomiya KazunarixToda Erika
Drama, PG-13
Synopsis: Nishikido Ryo and Toda Erika were college sweethearts, and now live happily as husband and wife with a 3 1/2-year-old son. Little did Ryo know that Erika had been keeping a secret from him that may change their lives and the life of their son.

No matter what.



Pairing/Focus: Ohno SatoshixNinomiya Kazunari (unrequited)
Drama, PG
Synopsis: Back in high school, Nino thought Ohno-kun is someone he can only admire from afar. No way would one of the most popular sempais in school would ever notice a mere lower classman such as himself… until his best friend, Aiba Masaki, gave Ohno two of his songs he was secretly writing about his feelings for the boy. Instead of embarrassing him, Ohno had been kind and praising him for his gift of songwriting. Years later, Nino became one of the most popular musicians in Japan. Yet, all these years he wondered, whatever became of the boy who was his inspiration years ago?

You were just a dream that I once knew... my love for your will be forevermore.


My Happy Ending

Pairing/Focus: Sakurai ShoxMatsumoto Jun
Drama, PG-13
Synopsis: Jun wasn’t sure why his best friend Sho had been on his mind constantly… and why his feelings for Mao seemed to wane. It would take something shocking between two people he trusted the most to make him face his true feelings. Will he take that leap of faith?

So much for my happy ending.


Game On!

Pairing/Focus: Ohno SatoshixOC
Romance, PG
Synopsis: Arashi has a new project. They are developing a video game about themselves and JStorm has hired a game developer who happens to be Ohno Satoshi’s annoying neighbor in his childhood, who loved kicking his butt at every video game back then, and whom he hasn’t seen in years. Now he has seen her in a different light, but another has set his eyes on her, too. Ninomiya Kazunari. Can Ohno make a move on the girl gamer’s heart or will he get his butt kicked yet again?

"Ha-ha. I beat your score," Tenshii exclaimed, pumping a fist high in the air in victory. "Girls rule. Boys drool."


Cherry Popper

Pairing/Focus: Sakurai ShoxOC, Ohno Satoshi, a miniscule Aiba Masaki role, a mention of Ninomiya Kazunari, and Matsumoto Jun in spirit.
Smut, NC-17
Synopsis: Jaye believes that sex should be between two people who are in love with each other and have kept that vow to save herself for THE ONE. Then she met a porn star via her best friend who may or may not change her view.

"No. I’ll be gentle, promise," he said silkily.



Where Might You Be? [complete]

Horikita Maki as Makiko Watanabe, Mackenzie Wentz, and Maki Horikita (23)
Yamashita Tomohisa (23)
Ikuta Toma (23)
Oguri Shun (23)

Romance, Drama, R

Synopsis: Triplets were separated at birth, each growing up in different environments.

Maki Horikita, the only one who knows that she has two sisters somewhere in this world, longs to find where they are. Struggling to live on her own, she couldn’t afford to hire a private investigator, so instead, enlisted the help from her neighbor, Shun Oguri, a Tokyo University law student.

Makiko Watanabe, as far as she knows, the world revolves around her. Being an only daughter in the most prominent, and feared, yakuza family has its rewards. Though she may get whatever she wants, she couldn’t help feeling that something is lacking in her life, no matter how full her closet is. One day, her dad’s newly hired man, Tomohisa Yamashita, has caught her eye, but in spite of her not-so-subtle flirtation, he is not responding. Makiko loves a good challenge.

Mackenzie Wentz is attracting the music world’s attention. A prodigy in piano, violin, and voice, her future is clearly leading her to fame, or so her parents wish. Mackenzie, a real music genius, refuse to practice as her mom wishes her to do, but rather just watch anime, read manga, and play with her computer-- an otaku at heart. She meets up a fellow otaku, Toma Ikuta, in the most unlikely places of all….her music conservatory school.

[prologue] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [epilogue]


Once Again [complete]

Sakurai Sho
Kamenashi Kazuya
Matsumoto Jun
Aiba Masaki

Drama, Romance, R

Synopsis: On the eve of their wedding day, Saito Daisy got the most horrific news. Her fiance, Odigiri Kazuya, had been in a fatal accident. Daisy vowed she'd never love again. A year after his death, a new neighbor moved in, a man who resurrected those buried feelings. Will Daisy ever let go of the memory of her dead fiance, or will she come to love the living?

Part 1 | Part 2


Johnny's Tenshis [complete]

-Ninomiya Kazuanri
-Sakurai Sho
-Matsumoto Jun
-Ohno Satoshi
-Aiba Masaki

-Koyama Keiichiro
-Yamashita Tomohisa
-Kato Shigeaki
-Nishikido Ryo
-Tegoshi Yuya
-Masuda Takahisa

1/3 of KAT-TUN
-Kamenashi Kazuya
-Akanishi Jin

1/5 of Hey!Say!Jump
-Chinen Yuri
-Yamada Ryosuke

Thriller, R

Synopsis: Ninomiya received a threatening phone call. His girlfriend is held hostage somewhere in Tokyo, but in order for him to get her back, he must do the unthinkable.

Nino must choose. Either way, someone he loves and admires will be in danger. He couldn’t call the police, so he turned to the ones he trusted the most: his friends from Johnny’s Entertainment.

Part 1 | Part 2


HanaKimi series
HanaKimi casts
for fanfic100 challenge
Comedy (mostly), Ratings- see each story
Untold stories of the students in Ohsaka Gakuen
Note: The series is ongoing indefinitely, but each story is a one shot and complete.

Title: If Only
Characters: Ashiya Mizuki/ Sano Izumi
Prompt: #82 If
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mizuki wonders what would have happen if she hadn't gone to Japan.
If only...

Title: Pass Me Not
Characters: Nakatsu +Sano/Mizuki/Nanba/Noe (cameos)
Prompt: #65 Passing
Rating: PG
Summary: Nakatsu shouldn't haven't eaten those beans.
Do not pass!

Title: So Good
Characters: Nakatsu + Sano/Mizuki
Prompt: #34 Not Enough
Rating: PG
Summary: Nakatsu can't keep his mind off of. . .
Nakatsu had a taste of it and wants more

Title: Cherry Boy
Characters: Sano Izumi + Dorm 2 boys cameo
Prompt: #39 Taste
Rating: PG
Summary: Drunk Sano= Kissing Monster
Shouldn't have given Sano sake

Title: Worst Porn Ever!
Characters: Osaka Gakuen Boys + fictional characters
Prompt: #29 Birth
Rating: PG
Summary: Sekime and Noe are up to something, but their plan backfires.

Title: Time
Characters: Nakatsu & Komari
Prompt: #8 Weeks
Rating: G
Summary: It's been weeks since Mizuki left for America, but Komari wonders if Nakatsu has moved on or still in love with her.
Time has gone by, but has he moved on?


The Model Father [complete]

Matsumoto Jun
Inoue Mao
Oguri Shun
Ikuta Toma,
Yamashita Tomohisa
Narimiya Hiroki

Romance, Drama, PG-13

Jun Matsumoto has been living the life of a top model in New York. A random phone call from a lawyer makes his ideal lifestyle turn in a whole new direction: his wayward brother's son has to live with him or he goes to the State of New York foster care. Can Jun take an eight-year-old in and still party with his best friends?

{1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10} {11} {12} {13} {14} {15} {16}


Of Friends and Lovers [complete]

Ninomiya Kazunari
Kuroki Meisa
Sakurai Sho
Matsumoto Jun
Aiba Masaki
Ohno Satoshi

Romance, NC-17

Synopsis: Meisa and Kazu were childhood friends, then lovers, when Kazu did the unthinkable: he married another girl. A few years later, he showed up at Meisa's home. He wants her back into his life; he never really stop loving her. Will Meisa accept him back, or has she moved on?

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | epilogue


Arashi and Their Girls series
Arashi with OCs, guests stars Kuroki Meisa, Yokoyama You, Kato Shigeaki, and Okada Junichi
Comedy, mostly, Ratings- PG-PG13
Inspired by the playground taunt our friends have used against us during recess back in elementary school (and beyond?). [complete]

Sitting in a Tree
Pairing: Aiba MasakixOC
Synopsis: Lilly relates to her children how she met their father. Aiba recollects what really happened.

Pairing: Sakurai ShoxOC
Synopsis: Yokoyama You is bored at the office party. What better way to liven it up than to play "7 Minutes in Heaven" using the two office rivals, Sho and Avie as his first victims?

First Comes Love
Pairing: Ohno SatoshixOC
Synopsis: Ohno went fishing at the lake when he saw a woman swimming farther up. Under the glare of the sun, he saw the silhouette of the woman's... fish tail? Was it really a mermaid?

Then Comes Marriage
Pairing: Matsumoto JunxOC
Synopsis: Under his father's order and his sickly mother's request, Jun had to move to Canada without letting his girlfriend, Julie, know. With only a letter telling her why, Jun asks her to wait for him. Two years later, Julie finds out he's back in Tokyo... to marry someone else?

Then Comes Baby
Pairing: Ninomiya KazunarixOC
Synopsis: Kazu is stuck in an elevator with a pregnant girl who introduced herself as Hada. Problem? She's in labor, and he is squeamish at the sight of blood.

My request fulfilled. Thank you very much!
+ Sensei's Little Princess by percybum starring my OTP, Juntoshi.
+ Just a Little Relish by anon starring my het OTP, NinoxMeisa. It's anon because it was for a fic exchange. Will edit when I know who wrote it.greatfountain starring my het OTP NinoxMeisa.

My fic recommendations here. You kinda have to scroll down a bit since it was from a meme.
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