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Kimi wa my beautiful hangover

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tobe free

    "Remaining humble, we just go on
    Nothing to do but go on being blown by the wind, to be free..."
    Charlene + 80s baby + tutor + Ninomiya Kazunari lover

    This journal consist of personal and fandom flail. Most posts are under lock and key, but my fanfics are open
    to public. I also post icons once in a while, but most of my icons are over at my graphics journal,

    Feel free to friend me, but just so you know, I don't add back empty journals unless I know you from
    somewhere. Please don't friend me, then disappear. It's unnerving.

    Arashi + News + KAT-TUN + Big Bang
    YamaPi Mood Theme by xenylamine from subliminalicon
    Ninomiya Kazunari Mood Theme by mynamelessname
    Layout modified from thefulcrum's Her Fog, Her Amphetamine, And Her Pearls

made by the lovely yamapine

GIF made by mynamelessname @ passdamic

banner made by penmi

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